Obstacles to experiencing God

In general, the expectations of our society have cultivated roadblocks that hinder the ability to foster a close connection with God.

What are the logs blocking your path to relational intimacy with God?



  • Smart devices have infiltrated how we manage our schedules in terms of real time, quality time, me time and even family time.
  • Personal, professional, and relational priorities have changed social & cultural Rules of Engagement.
  • Expectations for impersonal efficiency is the "new normal".
  • Ability to be "present” and take a "time-out" even from ourselves is thwarted and impaired.
  • Desire to “fast-track” relationships by employing easier, faster, and still more effective ways to the "abundant life".
  • God is put further down on our "To Do List".
  • Busyness erodes good intentions to connect with God.
  • Simple efforts to "be still and know God" are at odds with millennial life demands.