Our Backstory

  between a rock and a hard place...

Which Direction ?   In 2009, before the idea of Be-Wildered was ever envisioned, God had already began to blaze a trail mapping out His plans for Outdoor Ministry right here in Lake County, Illinois. Seemingly an unlikely place for a wilderness driven ministry, void of mountains, deserts and oceans, God none the less began moving in the life and circumstances of its founder, Moira Morris.  Unwittingly, Moira was navigating a chaotic journey of her own into a vast unknown, a deep pit into wilderness territory.  Physically, she battled debilitating back pain and would face multiple surgeries to fuse her neck and spine using an array of rods, screws and plates. In relatively short order,  Moira's love for outdoors and active hobbies came to a grinding halt. God literally made her lie down so he could restore her soul. Her pain was literally crippling; she could hardly get off the couch. Despite the desperate and lonely place she found herself, God was preparing to invite Moira into something so much better than anything she could have imagined or herself.

the Upside of Down   During the time she was recovering from setbacks and surgeries, Moira's mother died, giving way to a lonely period of introspection, isolation and grief. It was also a time of a spiritual awakening; part of a long  journey that took her back to explore her younger self and the family she grew up in.  Moira began to question her beliefs and wanted to better understand herself through her family's history, its dynamics and the past's powerful affect on her adult sibling relationships. Over many moons and bewildering moments, God faithfully healed and restored Moira's body physically, emotionally and spiritually.



 Re-calibrating  After months of therapy, strengthening and conditioning, Moira set a personal goal to backpack and summit mountains in the Sierra Nevada.  Last August, she successfully summited three 12,000' peaks along a 45 mile stretch on the Pacific Crest Trail while carrying her 40 lb. backpack each step.compassshot Today, she continues to conquer the natural and symbolic mountains before her.  As she ventures the backcountry trails for solitude and God's companionship, she now craves the time she spends alone with God -- listening for his voice of truth to speak into her life.  She still loses her way and veers off the path from time to time, but the peaks & valleys she goes through are now places where she encounters God to fully embrace both his blessing and discipline.  

In 2014, BeWildered Foundation was officially established as an outgrowth of those personal moments of wandering through life's wilderness and circumstances with God's company in the midst.  "We will all go through times when we feel like we have lost our way; we can prepare for them, but we can't avoid them.  Those are moments when we truly experience the "wilderness of our soul" and those times can be anything but ordinary when we go through them feeling the honor of God's presence."