On this Rock


God is Creator, Sustainer and Possessor of the entire world. He reveals Himself to man through nature.

God has given mankind stewardship over  the "work of His hands"; we are to love, care for, and enjoy all life forms on earth.

The Bible is the final authority of inerrant spiritual truth of God; not the invention of any man.

Salvation is by the gift of grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ and his death on the cross.


Core Values

Be-Wildered Foundation is committed to honor God with integrity and excellence by making business decisions which are based on the standards and principles of God – with righteousness, truth and honesty. In all decisions, Be-Wildered Foundation will seek to do what is right rather than what is expedient or culturally demanded.

We have been called and invited into this undertaking and mission field by God, and will look to Him to guide and equip accordingly.

We believe in approaching business situations and relational dealings with kindness, humility, dignity and respect.

Its representatives, volunteers, Directors & Officers are ever mindful of their role to witness to both the pagan and secular world in which they serve and conduct business by recognizing God’s mighty power to transform lives in Lake County, Illinois and greater Chicagoland.