What is Outdoor Ministry?

A diamond in the rough

Outdoor Ministry, in partnership with local congregations, exists to compliment, strengthen and encourage the Body of Christ to seek intimacy with God through outdoor wilderness experiences.

Originated by God; Perfected by Jesus

God invented Outdoor Ministry; he repeatedly used "wilderness experiences" to call and refine leaders, nations and people. Throughout Biblical history, ordinary men and women were strengthened and challenged in their faith in this way: Noah, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul and yes, even Jesus. Jesus mastered the refining use of the outdoor classroom privately and publicly. After teaching crowds in the cities all day, Jesus often retreated into the remote hills of Judea for rest, retreat and reflection. He modeled perseverance while tempted in every way in the wilderness, but also sought solitude with God the Father in the wilderness. Jesus also brought his disciples out into remote areas to teach them and build them up in order to continue his ministry after his death.

Jesus Sought Intimacy with God in the Wilderness

Wilderness Theology is rooted in man's innate desire to venture into the wilderness to seek spiritual experiences, enlightenment and wisdom. This quest for life's meaning, self-discovery and knowledge about the Creator is what forms an individual's Worldview. But seeking God's truth to these questions influences how these basic questions are answered: Where did I come from? What is the meaning of my life and purpose? How do I determine right from wrong? What happens to me when I die? Experiencing the solitude of wilderness, Biblical truth and God's very presence helps man to honestly appraise their life and worldview. New relational intimacy erupts and in that richer connection, God reveals where our worldviews align with Jesus' and where they may not.

Why does the church need Outdoor Ministry today?

The proverbial summer camp experience or student week-end retreat has typified how the the local church has experienced Outdoor Ministry. Yet, Outdoor Ministry is so much more than that; it must be discovered, explored and implemented by the church for the benefit of all, regardless of age. Outdoor Ministry is about withdrawing from daily life, its comforts and conveniences; intentionally retreating into nature's glory and facing the reality of God's presence, our oneness with Him.