Guideposts for our Financial Sustainability:

  • seeking God's presence and power first,
  • desiring to hear what God has to say to us;
  • pouring fully into His plan;
  • stewarding His resources ethically and responsibly, to
  • magnify His Greatness.

Dear Donors,

I would like to personally thank you for donating your resources of time, talent and treasure to Be-Wildered. We live in a very complicated, fast-paced world where there is no shortage of worthy causes, ministries and hurting people. By choosing to give to Be-Wildered today, you have supported the efforts of very enthusiastic and committed kingdom changers who desire to impact others as they intentionally seek out God's presence in their lives. When you support our mission to empower men & women to engage with God wholly and intimately through hands-on outdoor wilderness experiences, we want you to know that they are engaging and relating to God in tangible ways, making all things new:

"I never knew that hearing what God had to say to me could be so  personal, relevant, transformative and wonderfully fun!  Outdoor Ministry is for everyone, not just our youth!"   ~ Sarah, program participant ~

You see, in our hurried world, we get impatient and want to cut to the chase to receive all the benefits of God's promises and power; we quickly overlook the process which makes receiving those blessings so incredible -- His amazing companionship! God jealously wants to share in every earthly moment of our lives so we can be refined and changed by the glory of His presence.  Often, His invitation for this intimacy is rejected because deep down, we know that to enjoy such relational connection, we must commit and work at changing through the process ourselves.  This requires humility, sacrifice, desire and time.  Thank you for courageously saying "Yes!" to God's invitation to enter into the barren wilderness alongside His people where, Paradise is found, and a new Terra Firma is discovered this side of Heaven.  

In Christ Alone,

Moira Morris, Director