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What are your Peaks & Valleys?

God has often been thought of as dwelling atop a mountain and even the spiritual journey might be thought of climbing or standing on the Mountain of God. The Bible records that Moses met "I am" on Mt. Sinai; Peter, James & John met God on a mountain at the Transfiguration. Such moments of glory may give some the idea that we only encounter God when we're on the top of the world, that is in the peaks and pinnacles of our own lives. We may even believe that somehow, God's hand of blessing is removed from us when we are experiencing "valley" moments. Yet, our "valleys" are also a time when God is fully present. They're times when we meet God through a different type of blessing that comes in the form of refinement, rebuking or discipline. We must learn to shift our valley paradigm so that we can see our valley moments as none the less blessed moments with God. That is, they may be the seasons we go through between the higher "peaks" but they are indeed part of the good stuff God offers us. We'd like to hear from you about the peaks and valleys of your wilderness journey and outdoor experiences. No need to send up a smoke signal....just complete the Contact Form and hit SEND.


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Moira Morris,  Founder & Director

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Laura Meyer, Treasurer

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Terri Thompson,  Secretary

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