Women's Winter Eagle Watching Retreat at Starved Rock


In our humanness and busyness, we can easily get distracted along our faith journey. If we aren't careful to seek out God's presence continually in our daily lives, we can pursue paths, directions and things that move us away from God rather than towards him. Be-Wildered programs empower you to discover how to hit the "pause button" in your life and inject a renewed energy into your relationship with God. Escape to off-the-grid places away from life's chaos

Why spend time Off-the-Grid?


God still uses wilderness experiences as a platform to draw people to Him today. Be-Wildered retreats will help you discover new ways of connecting with God through nature. Relevant themes, settings and "hands-on" adventure skills are integrated to enhance programming and excursions.

Spiritual Outcomes in Nature


Jesus calls you "Friend" and desires a reciprocal relationship that is deep, vulnerable and revealing. When you put into practice new ways to pursue and approach God, you will encounter Him in a whole new way. Outdoor ministry applications will engage your heart as a true friend of God's; you will learn to relate to Him in tangible and fun new ways.

Experiencing God tangibly